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Will & the Foxhounds


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How They Got Here

"Performance should never take a back seat in a live show. It should always sit in the front, right next to musicianship," says William Howard, leader and frontman of Will & the Foxhounds. "If I'm not sweating by the end of our set, I know I didn't do my job."


Blending hip-hop, soul, and funk music, New Orleans band Will and the Foxhounds provides an energy and excitement in the local music scene like no one has witnessed before. With Will's soul and glam-rock inspired vocals leading the way, the Foxhounds perform electrifying originals and covers, all while Will dances up, down, and around any stage he graces.


Will & the Foxhounds formed as naturally as any band and friendship could. The original members, Will Howard, Harry Schnur, and Ben Spector, met while climbing at New Orleans Boulders Lounge. Regular jam sessions ensued, and by March of 2018 they decided to build a band based on Will's vision. Over time the band welcomed Nicole Young, Logan Gross, and Alec D'Alelio to complete the sonic space envisioned by Will.


“What we do is very special,” Will confidently explains. “We give our audience feelings of nostalgia, excitement, empathy, confidence and joy, and we don’t take what we do for granted. If people come out to see us, we will give them a show! Dancing, stories, jokes, the works… Ultimately, we want every person leaving our show to feel better than when they arrived. That’s what music should do, and that’s what our band is about.”

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